What will your baby say?

Signs & Rhymes

A fun and sociable way to teach your baby to “talk” before their speech develops

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Babies love music and play and they learn the signs through repetition. We will have great fun with songs, toys, games, books and instruments to teach you and your baby signs through weekly themes such as “bedtime”, “mealtimes” and “emotions”. Parents are able to continue the teaching at home with clear handouts with photographs provided each week. Signs and Rhymes isn’t just for the babies - parents will have the chance for a cuppa, a good chat and to share the success and joy when a baby starts to sign.


We understand your baby has needs and you are most welcome to feed your baby or pop out to change them when you need to.


Ages and babies

Baby signing is suitable from birth and the earlier you sign with your baby, the earlier they will sign back. However, it's important you feel settled with your new baby - then both you and baby can relax and enjoy the classes while you’re there.


The classes are ideal for babies from around 6 months old as they are able to engage with the fun activities and suitable for children up to 24 months or later if they need help with communication.


Older siblings (not charged) are able to attend at the discretion of the teacher.



We invite everyone to book in for a free trial so they can see what it’s all about - please contact us or book a free trial online. Classes are charged in term blocks at £6.50 per session and we charge only once per family (not per child). The term should be paid for in advance.

Our baby signing classes are full of variety and fun in warm, accessible and friendly venues suited to infants


Class dates and locations