What will your baby say?

Signs & Rhymes

A fun and sociable way to teach your baby to “talk” before their speech develops

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Baby signing gives your baby a head start by teaching simple signs which allow them to communicate early. Babies are able to control their hands long before they develop control of the muscles used for speech. Baby signing encourages the natural tendency to use gestures (such as waving and clapping) with simple key signs as they first learn to communicate. Through repetition and combining signing with clearly saying words, babies can begin to recognise signs and repeat them before they are able to speak.


Babies are able to sign from as early as 6 – 9 months and can let you know what they are thinking, what they want and how they feel. From the magic moment when your baby signs their first word, it is astounding how quickly their vocabulary of signs grows larger. They are not only able to tell you about their basic needs but can ask for their favourite toy or share their excitement when spotting animals.


This ability to communicate is very rewarding for both the baby and carer - baby feels less frustrated as they are able to express themselves and this shared understanding enriches their relationship with you.  


Baby signing encourages an earlier understanding of language as communication is experienced at an earlier age. Being understood really builds confidence and stimulates emotional and intellectual development.


Signs and Rhymes uses signs derived from British Sign Language which have been especially adapted for babies where necessary. The signs are widely used by professionals, nurseries and schools and are largely compatible with other signing systems including SignAlong and Makaton.




“Giving your child the means to communicate at such an early age is the most amazing and rewarding gift”